The purpose of the Lens is to persistently examine the actions of our local government and unpack the potential ramifications of those actions.  We’ll also be providing ideas on how local dilemmas may be solved without government intervention, or at least without the specific prescriptions of our Council members.

The reason for the Lens is that, despite the relatively small size of Lawton, our municipal government is not being held accountable for their failures.  Participation in Lawton government is very low, and our elected officials are behaving in a very human manner given that circumstance.  They are acting in the interests of the of majority of those who elect them to the exclusion, and many times at the cost, of those who do not vote or do not represent the majority.

Our intention at the Lens is to grow interest in the local political scene, particularly among demographics with which we can find common ideological ground concerning the role of government in general, and local government specifically.  We can make a difference together, but we have to find one another and come to terms on what should be done.  Then moving forward, we can take back our locality peacefully without further delay.