City Council Tables Everything

This city council meeting was a short one.  They tabled the food truck regulation items and the parking regulations for larger commercial and recreational vehicles, which really shaved some time off.

Food Truck Regulation Items

They tabled this one at the last minute.  They had a city official answering questions on the relevant code.  McGahee had the most questions, though Cherry chimed in as well with a concern.  McGahee’s questions were very basic questions, as though she had never seen the code in question before.  Those kinds of questions help to inform residents who are there or tune in some other way, but it does highlight an issue….

What Our Council Members Should Already Know

It seems to happen a lot that new business items are placed on the agenda that one or more of our council members know little to nothing about.  That’s kind of alright, as long as they at least ask questions before voting.  I’ve even lauded Tanner before for his inquisitiveness, because the way he digs helps the audience understand what’s going on.  But even Tanner will often do a little research into business items beforehand, and the questions he asks show it by taking the form of clarification requests instead of just amateur queries.  That’s the minimum we need from our council members.  Really, they should be informing themselves thoroughly on the new items prior to the meetings where they are voting on them.  They should arrive with enough information to know how they will vote and be able to answer any concerns from residents.

Food Handler’s Card

Cherry’s concern was that employees working these food trucks might not have their food handler’s permit.  If you’ve never needed one, here is what it entails.  You have to take time out of your schedule, usually early on a Monday, to go to city hall, pay the city $15 (cash only), and listen to an hour or less of instruction on food safety.  There’s no test, no way to prove you consumed the information.  You could be on your phone paying no attention at all, and I’m sure that happens.  Then you get handed the permit for paying the fine and sitting down for an hour.  I can’t stress enough that these ridiculous, ineffective regulations are an insult to residents.

By now there should have been an online video you can pay for and watch from home, with a short quiz at the end.  They could then issue you a food handler code and let you print off your own card and simply write the code on the card.  It would be more effective than our current nonsense, even if the food handler went on the web to search for the answers at the end.  At least then they’d have handled the information.  We have the technology.  We’ve had the technology since 1995….

Parking Regulations for Commercial and Recreational Vehicles

I was late to the meeting tonight, and they never even mentioned these two items (29 & 30).  Since I’ve never seen them vote to vote early on a new business item, I’m assuming they voted to table it in the first 30 minutes of the meeting.  It’s a maneuver they tend to employ when the item has drummed up enough controversy on social media.  I see two ways to look at this.  That could be viewed as responsiveness on the part of the council.  Maybe they are considering not instituting that item at all?  But if they are going to vote on it eventually, then it’s merely a stratagem to deflate public indignity and dissipate interest.  They know our attention spans are short.

Local Election Results

KSWO has already reported that Burk and Jody Maples will have a run off in the general election (Ward 4).  Caleb Davis and Michael Dixon will as well (Ward 3).  Tanner, who got two thirds of the vote in Ward 5 will keep his seat.

And that’s it for now folks!  See you next time.

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